Presentation: “Creating Things for the Internet of Things” by Stefan Negru

About physical computing and non-conventional interaction using Arduino and Pachube in the talk of Ștefan Negru (PhD Student at Faculty of Computer Science, UAIC Iasi) – Creating Things for the Internet of Things:

Additionally, Ștefan was a key organizer of the Design Jam Iasi event.


Video: “Search Engine in Hotel Store” by Irinel Bucur (TravelTech)

The video content of the presentation titled Search Engine in Hotel Store and delivered by Irinel Bucur is available in the following parts (in Romanian language):


Addendum—Also, we can consult the list of Summer Web 2010 presentations available on SlideShare.

Summer Web 2010 Scientific Program

The final version of the Summer Web program is the following:

  • 09:30 Opening
  • 09:30 Scaling Web ApplicationsMihai Oaida, Senior Web Developer at (invited talk)
  • 10:00 Blind Beethoven ProjectŞtefan Negru, Interaction Designer (invited talk)
  • 10:30 Semantic Web in the browser. From RDF to RDFaSabin Buraga, Web Scientist and Associate Professor at FII
  • 11:00 Architecture of an Amazon Web ServiceBogdan Ghidireac, Technical Lead Engineer at Amazon Dev Center Romania (invited talk)
  • 11:30 Break
  • 12:00 Student User Experience in Web DesignAlecsandru Grigoriu, Student at FII
  • 12:30 NoSQL in the Context of Social WebBogdan Gâza, Student at FII
  • 13:00 More than a Social Web ProjectSergiu Dumitriu, Research & Development Engineer at XWiki (invited talk)
  • 13:30 Progressive Enhancement and Opaque MediaMihai Alexandru Bîrsan, Web Developer at Grapefruit and Student at FII
  • 14:00 Break
  • 14:30 3 in 1. Student, Volunteer, and EmployeeAlin Alexandru, Software Engineer at Silentale and Student at FII
  • 15:00 3D in the Web BrowserVictor Porof, Student at FII
  • 15:30 Discussions & Closing

Possible changes will be announced in due time.

For details about the location, see the Call for Participation to Summer Web, 29 May 2010 post.