Summer Web 2013 + Design Jam Iasi #2

After 2 years of being dormant, this virtual place is – finally! – resuscitated…

We have the great pleasure to announce a new edition of Summer Web 2013 workshop on Web technologies organized in conjunction to Design Jam Iasi #2. This pair of events will take place at the Faculty of Computer Science, “A.I. Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania – C Building (Berthelot Street, 16).

Summer Web 2013 + Design Jam Iasi #2 (24—25 May)

Summer Web 2013 + Design Jam Iasi #2 (24—25 May)

Neophytes, apprentices, and experts in Web design, human-computer interaction and related fields are invited to attend:

Summer Web 2013 (Friday, 24 May, 14:00, C308 room, C Building, UAIC)

The tentative program includes specific topics of interest regarding Web design, user experience, and human-computer interaction:

  • design research
  • prototyping
  • UI design for special users
  • interactive data exploration
  • color in the UX context

Design Jam Iasi #2 (Saturday, 25 May, 9:00, C308 room, C Building, UAIC)

Be involved, with your friends and/or colleagues, into a design challenge, under the guidance of several mentors from industry (Grapefruit, Mozilla) and faculty. Interesting discussions, prizes, some surprises and a lot of fun! Free wifi connectivity will be available.

You can already get a free ticket!

Additionally, read several impressions about the previous edition. See also the article Design Jam Iasi #1: Intense, Fun & A Rip-Roaring Success, Say Over 50 Jammers! and the official Design Jam Website.

So, can you miss this opportunity?


Summer Web 2011 + Design Jam Iasi #1: Conclusion

One week after the Summer Web 2011 + Design Jam Iasi events, we can conclude with some remarks.

The Summer Web 2011 audience included about 50 participants + some remote persons (from Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, etc.) who watched the event via live streaming services.

Summer Web 2011 Program (the printed version)

Summer Web 2011 Program (the printed version)

A number of 9 presentations were delivered by Web professionals and students. The topics covered:

Summer Web 2011

Summer Web 2011

Read our previous article containing some impressions and thanks. Don’t forget to see some photos taken by Andreea Popescu.

Second day, 15 persons – grouped in 5 teams – participated to the 1st edition of the Design Jam Iasi challenge – the topic of interest: mall guiding assistant.

With some advices and suggestions offered by the mentors, after 6 hours of hard work and/or fun, each team publicly presented the designed solutions:

  • MallMasters – Bogdan Dumitriu, Mircea Serediuc, Sergiu Filip
  • Concentrico – Alexandru Andronic, Emanuel Martonca, George Teiosanu
  • Keep It Simple – Dumitru Emciuc and Mihai Sterpu
  • Bird Mall – Alexandru Chelariu, Adrian Trefas, Nicu Spinu
  • Oomba – Vlad Manea, Stefan Enache, Bogdan Gâza, Andreea-Diana Stanciu
Design Jam Iasi #1 — Romania

Design Jam Iasi #1 — Romania

During the event, we established – as a surprise – an online duplex with Design Jam Barcelona, having a nice discussion with Alina Mierlus.

Several impressions about Design Jam Iasi #1 (in random order):

  • Cristi Bârlădeanu

    “The word of the day for Design Jam Iasi was for sure “inspiration”. The mix’n’match of ideas coming from people with different background and complimentary perspectives on what design and UX should be modeled like laid a rock-solid foundation for creativity and innovation. That’s how we got a robot, augmented reality and paper tablets as solutions for the same challenge 🙂 A big thumbs up for the local champions and congratulations for all the attendees, looking forward to see the same enthusiasm and passion brought together to Design Jam Iasi #2!”

  • Marius Ursache

    “Great fun and great ideas at Mozilla DesignJam Iasi #djiasi. Looking forward for the next edition!”

  • Silviu Savin

    “I was honored to mentor @designjamiasi /If you missed #1, you should come to #2. #djiasi was inspiring, fun, a great experience. Congrats!”

  • Andreea Buraga

    “Design Jam supported by Mozilla Labs was a cool initiative and I encourage all the design enthusiasts to sign up in the future because it is a great learning and idea-generating experience in a relaxed and fun manner. I was impressed with the creative and innovative solutions offered by the participants. I was hoping to see actual designers participating to this event (I mean as “jammers”), but on the other hand it is great seeing people from diverse backgrounds giving a real interest and dedication to this field. I hope this is a first step in starting a community of designers and attracting more people in this field and this type of events – maybe try making Iasi a leading creative center of Romania, for example?! I am very happy and honored I was invited to Design Jam and looking forward to the next editions!”

  • Bogdan Gâza

    “Had loads of fun at #djiasi. Looking forward for the next iteration of the event. Many thanks to the organizers!”

Also, enjoy the Design Jam Iasi photos: the “official” album and those pics shot by Andreea Popescu. Additionally, browse the @designjamiasi tweets.

The organizers (aka local champions) – Sabin Buraga, Stefan Negru, Lenuta Alboaie and Andrei Panu – are grateful for the support provided by Mozilla Labs, The Red Point, Faculty of Computer Science , UAIC Romania, and ASII (The Association of The Informatics’ Students from Iasi). Our thanks to student volunteers: Sabina Bolboceanu, Victor Panaite, and Adriana Schiopu. Live streaming services were kindly offered by MEDIAEC.

We hope you enjoyed the Summer Web 2011 + Design Jam Iasi events!
See you next year!

Video: “Mozilla Add-ons SDK (Jetpack)” by Laurian Gridinoc

We are including a three part video about Mozilla Add-ons SDK (Jetpack).

This Summer Web 2011 presentation was delivered by Laurian Gridinoc, a graduate of Master studies in Computational Linguistics at FII, UAIC, and a Mozilla Add-ons Ambassador.

This is the first part:

Watch also the second part:

…and the third one:

Presentation: “Web3D — Semantic standards, WebGL, HCI” by Victor Porof

The Web3D — Semantic standards, WebGL, HCI presentation was delivered by Victor Porof (a 2nd year student enrolled at Faculty of Computer Science, UAIC Iasi, Romania):

Also, Victor is working to Mozilla Tilt project during the Google Summer of Code 2011.

Summer Web 2011 + Design Jam Iasi: Call for Participation (June 3—4)

Neophytes, apprentices, and experts in Web technologies, HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) and related fields are invited on 3 and 4 June to attend Summer Web 2011, an event organized in conjunction to the first edition of the Design Jam Iasi, Romania.

Supported by Mozilla Labs, The Red Point, Faculty of Computer Science, UAIC Romania, and ASII (The Association of The Informatics’ Students from Iasi), this is a two-day (ad)venture, during which people team up to discuss, share ideas and solve engaging UX challenges in the context of (mobile) Web applications.

First day (June, 3rd) consists of a series of presentations about selected Web and HCI topics within Summer Web 2011, a workshop on Web technologies organized by Dr. Sabin Buraga since 2001.

Several interesting talks are already confirmed:

  • Design principlesAlecsandru Grigoriu, MSc student and 4 times participant at the Mozilla Labs Design Challenge
  • Creating things for the Internet of thingsStefan Negru, PhD student
  • Mozilla JetpackLaurian Gridinoc, Mozilla Add-ons ambassador
  • Web 3DVictor Porof, Google Summer of Code student at Mozilla (working on the Tilt project)
  • Developing games for the mobile devices – Victor Porof & Alecsandru Grigoriu

Design Jam Iasi

On the second day (June, 4th), attendees – students or experienced practitioners, interaction designers, UX researchers, information architects, Web and graphic designers and even developers – will assign themselves to a group based on the skills they contribute and what they would like to learn. The teams will have to tackle a design challenge with a “secret” topic by doing research, sketching, guerilla testing and other UX techniques.

Among mentors, we can mention Andreea Buraga and Silviu Savin.

Teams will share their process and ideas. Outcomes – available under the terms of Creative Commons – could be a prototype, sketches, storyboards or videos – whatever communicates the idea best. These resources will be publicly available on the Design Jam wiki.

Also, there would be a live streaming of the event on each day. Tickets are free, already available on Eventbrite. For other details, visit the Design Jam Iasi wiki.

Additionally, you can follow us on Twitter – @designjamiasi.

We are grateful for the provided help in organizing the Summer Web 2011 + Design Jam Iasi event to Stefan Negru, Dr. Lenuta Alboaie, and Andrei Panu.