Presentation: “Cityquest — Developing Games for the Mobile Devices”

The last Summer Web 2011 presentation – delivered by the students Victor Porof and Alecsandru Grigoriu – is about designing and developing 3D games for the mobile devices:


Presentation: “Design Phases: The Birth of a Star”

Another presentation, delivered by Andreea Buraga (Creative Director at Klangwelt), was entitled Design Phases: The Birth of a Star (currently unavailable).

Andreea was a Design Jam Iasi mentor, too. Her impressions regarding this event are the following:

“Design Jam supported by Mozilla Labs was a cool initiative and I encourage all the design enthusiasts to sign up in the future because it is a great learning and idea-generating experience in a relaxed and fun manner. I was impressed with the creative and innovative solutions offered by the participants. I was hoping to see actual designers participating to this event (I mean as “jammers”), but on the other hand it is great seeing people from diverse backgrounds giving a real interest and dedication to this field. I hope this is a first step in starting a community of designers and attracting more people in this field and this type of events – maybe try making Iasi a leading creative center of Romania, for example?! I am very
happy and honored I was invited to Design Jam and looking forward to the next editions!”

Video: “Mozilla Add-ons SDK (Jetpack)” by Laurian Gridinoc

We are including a three part video about Mozilla Add-ons SDK (Jetpack).

This Summer Web 2011 presentation was delivered by Laurian Gridinoc, a graduate of Master studies in Computational Linguistics at FII, UAIC, and a Mozilla Add-ons Ambassador.

This is the first part:

Watch also the second part:

…and the third one:

Presentation: “Creating Things for the Internet of Things” by Stefan Negru

About physical computing and non-conventional interaction using Arduino and Pachube in the talk of Ștefan Negru (PhD Student at Faculty of Computer Science, UAIC Iasi) – Creating Things for the Internet of Things:

Additionally, Ștefan was a key organizer of the Design Jam Iasi event.

Presentation: “Web3D — Semantic standards, WebGL, HCI” by Victor Porof

The Web3D — Semantic standards, WebGL, HCI presentation was delivered by Victor Porof (a 2nd year student enrolled at Faculty of Computer Science, UAIC Iasi, Romania):

Also, Victor is working to Mozilla Tilt project during the Google Summer of Code 2011.

Presentation: “Design Principles” by Alecsandru Grigoriu

We are starting a series of blog posts regarding the presentations and demos delivered during the Summer Web 2011 workshop on Web technologies.

First talk – titled Design Principles – was presented by Alecsandru Grigoriu, a MSc student at the Faculty of Computer Science, ‘A.I. Cuza’ University of Iasi, Romania. He also had the role of a Design Jam Iasi mentor.