Summer Web 2011 is over, but…

…you can participate today to the first edition of Design Jam Iasi, Romania.

We want to thank to the participants, including all 8 speakers, for attending Summer Web 2011. Also, we are grateful to our supporters – Mozilla Labs, The Red Point, Faculty of Computer Science, UAIC Romania, ASII (The Association of The Informatics’ Students from Iasi) – and student volunteers. Live streaming services were kindly provided by MEDIAEC.

Some feedback:

  • “#sweb2011 = awesome” – @Andreea_Popescu
  • “#sweb2011 made my day – thinking of it even during exam” – @alecsandru
  • “I see a lot of great feedback of #sweb2011, congrats @busaco_ et all for organizing” – @lucaa
  • “A fost interesant astăzi la #sweb2011, abia aștept workshop-ul de mâine de la #designjamiasi” [ro] – @zaducu

Delivered presentations and demos, including video recordings, will be available soon.
You can enjoy several photos taken during the Summer Web 2011 event.

Once again, thank you!


One thought on “Summer Web 2011 is over, but…

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